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pxe linux

pxeInstallServer There is a package called system-config-kickstart Save the file and copy it to your install server under /var/www/html/ A very minimalist ks.cfg file which only uses the installation files on the install server and asks for all other questions … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Motion eye camera with PI

Today with our lab will see how is easy to realise a Surveillance Hub Server Controller for our Cameras, as first step is to have a clear Ubuntu 16.04Lts Server installated.Let’s start from there. Our Surveillance will be composed by … Continue reading

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Ubuntu snapRaspberry Pi

This howto will be helpful most people who want to get started with Snappy Ubuntu Core on the new Raspberry Pi 3. 1 STEP – GET UBUNTU CORE “SNAPPY” BETA The Ubuntu Core image can be downloaded from the Raspberry … Continue reading

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4001 2-input NOR gates

4001 2-input NOR gates.

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Table 1. emacs-keybindings table.

Table 1. emacs-keybindings table..

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Processing Library Tutorial: JMyron

import JMyron.*; JMyron theMov; int[] currFrame; int[] prevFrame; int tolerance; boolean revealing; void setup() { size(320, 240); theMov = new JMyron(); theMov.start(width, height); theMov.findGlobs(0); // initialize the pixel arrays to avoid a NullPointerException loadPixels(); currFrame = prevFrame = pixels; tolerance … Continue reading

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AVR WiFi « Blondihacks

AVR WiFi « Blondihacks.

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Arduino Playground – LinuxTTY

Arduino Playground – LinuxTTY.

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git « Ivan Torres (mexpolk)

git « Ivan Torres (mexpolk).

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samba – Why there is no “Sharing Options” on cinnamon on Ubuntu 12.04? – Ask Ubuntu

samba – Why there is no “Sharing Options” on cinnamon on Ubuntu 12.04? – Ask Ubuntu.

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