how to compile oF from the command line

Hey folks – check also autocomplete

Anyone else here want to take a baseball bat to the xcode IDE on a regular basis and wish they could use Atom for code development in OF?

If so, here’s a handy guide. It’s super dead simple.

  1. Go install atom if you haven’t now. This should also work for sublime, or even VIM.
  2. Add OF to your system’s path. To do this you need to find a hidden file. Open up terminal and use this unix command to do it. Steps 3-5 will walk you through it.
  3. Open terminal and simply cd and press enter
  4. type open .bash_profile (or open this file in your editor of choice. If you have atom installed you can use atom .bash_profile)
  5. add this line at the bottom of the file, then save and quit your text editor export OF_ROOT=~/Documents/of_v0.9.8_osx_release
    (If you find this past this release, just update this to be whatever version of of you have downloaded, such as 9.9)

Now generate your OF project using the project generator. Go to atom or sublime and edit away. When you’re done, you’ll pop over to the terminal and change directory into your project’s root folder.

If you’re a total new soul cd is the Unix command to change directory. For example, cd ~/Documents would take you to your Documents folder. The ~ represents your user root directory. This should have your Desktop, Photos and Documents in it.

After you’ve changed directory into your project folder, all you have to do is type make on the command line. Yes, that’s it. They’ve now included make files with OF. Nice work folks. It will do all the heavy lifting for the compilation. The unix command make is a command that uses this utility called make to compile your applications. It’s really robust and cool and you can learn more about it here:

It ships with your mac. You shouldn’t need to install it.

Read how to launch your app from here – it’s dead simple and make will explain it when it’s done building for you. Just read what it prints out about it in terminal.

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