Automatically open remote files in local emacs

Andy Skelton on WordPress

I prefer to edit text locally in emacs. Most of the files I edit reside on remote servers so I use TRAMP to open remote files locally. What kills me is using emacs remotely via terminal when a shell command invokes $EDITOR (e.g. svn commit). With my new setup, the default editor on the remote machine is my local emacs. I love this.

First, I configure SSH to forward a remote port to my machine. This means that whenever the remote machine tries to connect to itself on that port (localhost:9999) it actually connects to port 9999 on my local OSX machine. I like to keep these details in my ssh_config file (my local ~/.ssh/config):

(I use abbreviated hostnames to save keystrokes. There is a matching entry in my hosts file.)

Second, I configure my local emacs to start the server and copy the server file to the remote…

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