Ubuntu Openstackcape Maas Juju

It’s the best way to build an IaaS infrastructure using Ubuntu, OpenStack, Landscape, MAAS and JUJU in an only one product. Let’s see how to install this environment on our lab, but before that a good point to begin and to know something about this new project: http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/ http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/openstack https://www.openstack.org/ On Ubuntu Openstack Autopilot’s home page they suggest to have: […]

via Ubuntu Server: “Install Ubuntu Openstack Autopilot on Ubuntu 16.04.1Lts Server Edition part 1” — we learn from our mistakes…


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Few things. I'm lizard king i can do anything. Let's start this shit. mpla mpla mpla de mas pernei gia polla. (greeklish) System learn greeklish. Learn to use your Keyboard shortcuts makes your life easier.Inside time άλλωστε... εμείς είμαστε ...
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