Running VST Plugins on Ubuntu Linux by Building Ardour with VST Support

vst on Linux research

Noisy Heron - Sound Synthesis

My goal was to run VST plug-ins on Linux, but I soon discovered there are issues related to making that happen. After brief research, I decided building Ardour with VST support appeared to be the best option. What follows are the steps I took for building Ardour on Ubuntu 8.10.

Excellent directions are available on the Ardour site for building the application with specific options, including VST support.

Ardour instructions are available here:

Following the directions on the Ardour site for building the application with VST support on Linux, here are the specific steps I needed to complete for Ubuntu 8.10. The package and library names listed below are for Ubuntu 8.10.

Building Ardour with VST support on Ubuntu 8.10 – The experience, packages and libraries.

All packages and libraries below were installed using the versions available through the synaptic package manager.


  • gcc/g++ 3.x or above
  • scons 0.96…

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