Dagobah System

The Dagobah System is a band from Athens, which are mainly based on hip hop music, without excluding the experiments with other species. Founded in 2007 and released their first complete work in June 2008 entitled “Live from the gramophone” which is distributed free in print and via internet from the website at Myspace. Their first live appearance on the European Music Day in June 2008 won much critical acclaim, especially for a rookie at that time band. They have also appeared in the annual anti-racist festival of Patras in 2008, the festival B – Fest organized by the newspaper Babel, the European Festival of Music in 2009 and 2010 in the club shops Maze Red Sea Thebes and Athens. This time the Dagobah System released their second album homonymous.

About ege's press.

Few things. I'm lizard king i can do anything. Let's start this shit. mpla mpla mpla de mas pernei gia polla. (greeklish) System learn greeklish. Learn to use your Keyboard shortcuts makes your life easier.Inside time άλλωστε... εμείς είμαστε ...
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